Monday, March 31, 2014

Revolution XXIV Tournament

Brendan and Wyatt competed in their first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament this past weekend. Having never done it before, they were nervous!

It ended up being super fun to watch and they had a blast. The youth division was divided up by age, weight and belt rank and then they had a double elimination competition.

Both Brendan and Wyatt won their fist round and lost their second. Then Wyatt lost his third round and Brendan won his which got him a third place medal. They are counting down the days to the next tournament which is in July.

The tournament was held in the Olson Gym at Pacific Lutheran  University and included schools from all over the Pacific Northwest area.

She loves pinching people's earlobes
Wyatt (in white)
Brendan (in blue)
Third place

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Easton::4 Years Old

Today Easton is 4! I love 4 year olds. It's such a fun age. Easton is into ninjas and pretty much doing whatever his older brothers are doing. He loves to play outside and especially jump on the trampoline (with his brothers). He still wants me to brush his teeth for him and carry him to bed. He loves to play on the computer and he is a great singer. He is only in his element when he is well rested and not put on the spot to perform. Being watched, laughed at or pressured is sure to cause him to clam up and shut down. Although he is painfully shy, he loves going to the playground and making new friends while he is there. In fact, surprisingly for him, he prefers to play at the playground when other kids are there to play with.

He is complicated and seemingly a "tougher nut to crack" than any of the other kids. I think I like that about him. ;) He is growing into his own at his own pace and he is a joy.


This is Easton's face (and Wyatt's) when he saw the hamster Papa got him

From the Last Month

Blogging seems so simple until you actually have to sit down and do it! It has been a busy month with plenty to blog about, but the task has gotten even more daunting as the pictures and posts start to pile up.

Let's just turn this into a summary of the last month.

Work for me is the same. Good. Slowly growing.

Work for Rand is the same. Stressful, busy, stressful and more busy.

Last month marked the beginning of baseball! On February 22nd we had baseball try-outs. Easton said he wanted to play so we were anticipating a t-baller, and then Brendan and Wyatt both playing at the same levels they played last year. 3 teams. I thought it could possibly break me, but we were willing to give it a go! Brendan's coach from last year recruited him to play on his team again this year and then they decided to draft Wyatt up to the Minor League level and so Brendan and Wyatt are playing on the same team! Hallelujah!! After Easton's first practice he decided playing baseball in front of an audience and other strangers was not his idea of fun, so we pulled him. We weren't surprised and we weren't even bummed. Baseball this year is going to be a piece of cake! One team and no babies!

 Amidst the craziness of 2 businesses and 4 kids, Rand and I managed to get away for a few hours one Saturday afternoon and took the Hood Canal Bottomless Champagne Sunset Cruise. It was pretty fun. It was cloudy and grey but calm and beautiful anyway.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Day!

Oh, Pacific Northwest. How you taunt us with your mild weather. In winter we balance on a fine line between wet and ice, rain and snow and the reality is we are almost always on the side of wet and rain at about 42 degrees day and night. Then when it does get cold it is only because the rain has gone and we are left with freezing dry weather. Then the rain comes back with the warmer temps. So every once in a while, just a couple times during winter, we get a tiny overlap. Freezing temps come in over the top of rainy weather (or vice versa) and we get a brief snowy day. Some winters are better than others (if you love snow like we do!).

The last couple weeks or so, we have had lovely sunny, cold weather. Cold like highs in the 30s, lows in the 20s (could be worse). Then the rain came back and overlapped with the cold weather and we got a good amount of snow during the transition. It started snowing Saturday evening right before I went to work. I had a large group of painters (22) who all braved the weather and painted anyway. We decided my mom better head home since she lives 45 mins from the studio and who knew what the roads would be like at 10:30pm. And 10:30 when I headed home it was a winter wonderland. So beautiful! I wish I would have taken some pictures!

In the morning we knew we had to get out there fast if we were going to enjoy the snowy treat. We had almost 4 inches, but it was warm. The driveway had already melted. We didn't even have breakfast. Everyone found appropriate clothing and out the door we went. Probably 8:00am. :)

Sleds. Snowmen. Snowball fights. We did it all as fast as we could! The next morning you would have never known.

We got a delivery of new hats and mittens just in time!
Her chariot
Brendan looking a little man-ish

She's gotta learn how to hold her own in a snowball fight
A word about Sammy...
Sammy LOVES snow. I think she loves to hate it or something. She goes ballistic!  She DESTROYS snowballs. We have to put her inside if we want to build a snowman because she goes nuts ripping it to shreds like a mad-dog. It. is. hilarious! She's getting kinda old, but you wouldn't know it when we are out in the snow! So we held her off while we buried Wyatt and then we let her loose to dig him out. Oh my word, it was so funny!
Dig him out, wonder-dog!
Oops. Hadn't thought about all the snow flying onto his face! :)
Annabel to the rescue
This picture was taken just a little later in the day, in the afternoon. You can see how much the snow had already melted. But Wyatt managed to get a snowman up!
Fun snow day!